Caught in the Villain’s Web(or More Sinned Against than Sinning)
by Herbert Swayne  

directed by Jessi Williams


Saturday, June 17 by appointment.

Contact Katrina Jones at

Or TEXT 214-471-0413 (no calls, please)

Note: Headshots and resumes requested but not required.



Performance dates:

July 28, 29, 30, Aug 4, 5, 6 and 11, 12, 2017

Tentative rehearsal schedule:

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6:30 - 9:30 pm ,

Saturday afternoons from 1:00 - 4:00 pm at the McKinney Performing Arts Center.

Felicity Fair, down trodden heroine, is a nurse sent to the Larkfield mansion to attend a hard hearted society matron who is pretending to be ill to force her son, Malvern, to marry the scheming Nella Hargrave. Malvern takes one look at Felicity and falls in love. When Malvern proposes he is unaware that villain Cyril Bothingwell is behind a screen listening. Felicity sadly informs Malvern that she can never marry. Five years ago she was in a train wreck and cannot remember a thing that happened prior to the wreck. She doesn't even know her real name. Cyril tells Felicity that she is his wife but Cryil's nefarious schemes are thwarted to the delight of all.

Cast of Characters:
FELICITY FAIR                                - persecuted heroine, more sinned against than sinning
MALVERN LARKFIELD                  - our manly-bosomed hero, who raises stinkweeds
MRS. REGINA LARKFIELD            - MALVERN's hard-hearted mother
LONA LARKFIELD                         - MALVERN's young sister, who has a heart of gold
BROCKSTON                                 - the Larkfield's butler
DENISE                                           - a French maid
CYRIL BOTHINGWELL                  - steeped in villainy, who will stop at nothing to gain his foul ends
NELLA HARGRAVE                        - who has fallen in love with MALVERN
MRS. HARGRAVE (GERALDINE)   - NELLA's mother, who enjoys bad health
DR. HUGO BELCH                         - REGINA's physician​​