Our Upcoming Show (winner of the 2015-2016 New Play Competition):

A Reunion of Sorts
by Jerry Lacy

When is a reunion of sorts, a family reunion instead?  When two old pals, now in their 70s, are confronted with reuniting with a mutual girlfriend after 30 years.  Old rivalries are rekindled at the thought of seeing her again.  But when the old girlfriend doesn't show up and her daughter does instead, the two pals are really in a quandary.  Now 30 years old, she wants to meet her father.  But which one is it?  Laughs ensue at the final meeting, to determine whom she should call dad.  

Come see how they find out who's the father and be a part of the reunion of sorts.
Show dates:  March 11-19, 2016​

Classic melodrama including a snake-oil salesman, a ranch, an heiress, a railroad, a sheriff, and, of course, snake oil (good to the last drop!!) Popcorn throwing fun for the whole family! 
Black comedy about white trash! Southern-fried comedy about infidelity, country & western music, and Airstream trailers. 
MRT’s New Play Contest winner about a couple of old friends who, back in the day, dated the same girl. When her daughter shows up looking for her father….need we say more?

Welcome to Our 13th Season!